It might also be convinient to think of JSP scopes not as boxes or containers, but just an extra pieces of information about your data. For instance, suppose that my apartment is infested with rodents, but that some of these rodents are more capable than others. Some simply wander around aimlessly on my carpet, but others have located my building’s
elevator shaft and move freely from floor to floor. Then imagine that several flying rats can travel between nearby buildings in my city. Considering these three groups, it is clear that the rodents traveling around my floor have an obviusly more limited range – or scope – than the ones that can move from floor to floor; these, in turn, have a smaller
scope than the flying rats. Any particular rat is described by a particular “scope”; onerat could be called an “apartament rat”, whereas another is a “building rat”, and yet another is a “city rat”.

JSTL in action (shawn bayern)



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